Golly Gee…..I think I need a blog post.

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So, as you can tell I am the worst at keeping my blog updated.  Finally took some time to sit and share a few cutie pies.  These are a few 2011 sessions (whoops!).  My plan is to just plug away at some blog posts so I can share all of these cute faces.  Here is todays group:)

This one of my babies that I was able to meet at just a few days old, then again at 4 months and more recently at his year old session!  Here is a couple images from his 4 month and year session.  I don’t know how its possible but he just gets cuter and cuter each time I see him!

Next we have two sweet princesses.  These two little girls are just plain dolls.  So much fun to work with!

And here another adorable sibling pair- Big brother and his new baby sister.  Absolute perfect session with two perfect children.

And last but certainly not least, Miss E at her 1 year session.  This is another sweet princess that I had the honor of meeting at a few days old.  She actually became a big sister herself a few months after this session.  I will share her and her new baby sister in another blog post soon!

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Folsom Engagement session- Beautiful Couple!

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Being primarily a children’s photographer, I rarely get the opportunity to do engagement type sessions.  But when this couple asked me to do their engagement images I was so excited!  We had a blast and I could have kept shooting all day long.  It was kind of strange not having to make crazy noises and dance around like a fool to get my subjects to look at me….lol.  So much fun!

2nd Annual Antique Gardener Spring Mini Session Event!

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Now booking for Our team-up Spring mini session event.  Cari Lyn Photography will be offering outdoor mini sessions at the adorable yard of the Antique Gardener in Sutter Creek on May 21st.  $25 mini session fee, children sessions only.  Book your slot now as they will likely fill fast and we expect sessions spots to be full soon.  Please contact Aimee at the Antique Gardener to book.  209-267-5551.  Email Cari at contactus@carilynphotography.com with any questions.

So much fun! An Amador County teen…

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It was such a pleasure meeting this young lady.  She was so full of personality!  We had an amazing session and so much fun.  I wanted to share some from our day back in August of last year:)

Session full of girlieness:)

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Two little beauties came to my studio for a session full of girlie fun.  Loved meeting them and seeing their momma who I had actually attended highschool with:) Hope to see you all again soon!!

6 month session with a precious baby girl.

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I met this adorable sweet face at her 6 month session and actually, since I am so behind in blogging I just did her year session a few weeks ago also…lol.  You will eventually be able to see that one on here too:)  She is just the sweetest little thing and full of personality!  I also can’t wait to meet her new baby sister when she makes her debut!

A studio session with 2 cute kids!

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These 2 were full of personality!  We had a blast from the beginning to end of our session way back in June…lol. (still a blogger slacker:)  It was so great working with these cuties and I hope to see them again soon!!

Cute little guys= a fun session!

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This was another gorgeous session from last June….I guess I’ll just be about 6 months behind in my blogging forever…lol.  Oh how I yearn for a nice warm day like this again!!  These two were just so sweet and adorable.  I had a wonderful time meeting the whole family and was excited to have seen them again for our Christmas Mini sessions!!:)

All Giggles! Amador County children’s photographer

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Love these 2 kiddos.  We had fun at our June session (I know, pathetic blogger I am:).  The weather was perfect although a bit windy and my subjects were just adorable!  I was excited to see them both again at my holiday mini sessions a few weeks ago!

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